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If you have an idea on how to improve the service or you have found a bug you can report it here. You can browse issues and features lists without logging in or registering (so you can quickly check the status of the feature that interests you or see if anyone else have the same problem as you do). Browsing issues and features You can browse the list without need to register. Go to this address (actually you are already here), and select Bugs or Features to browse. Registering To add new issue, feature or comment on existing one you have to register. Go to http://bugtrack.swappano.com and log in or click on Register New Accountif you do not have an account. Fill in all required fields and click on Register. In a couple of minutes you should receive an email with registration details and confirmation link. Click on the link (that will automatically confirm your account) and log into bug tracker. Adding new Issue/Feature After logging in you should be redirected to the Bugtracker main screen. On the right there is a list of projects. Please expand Swappano.com (click + to the left of the project name). Now select item you would like to add Bug or Feature. To add new item please click Add Issue. That will redirect you to the Add Issue form. Please fill the issue Name. Put some descriptive name here, but not too long, you will have much more space in the Description field. You can leave Attributes as they are. The only field that is worth changing is the Severity on Bugs. Change it to the level of severity of the bug you have found. (e.g. if you found a typo on the page, that will be Minimal severity, but if you found a way to crash the server that will be Catastrophic). If you are not sure, leave it as it is, and we will review it as soon as we get the info about new issue. In the Description field put detailed description of the bug you have found, together with a way of replicating it (remember if we cannot replicate your issue it is almost impossible to fix it). You can add screenshots, links and use Markup to make the description even more descriptive. It is a good idea to add some information about your system as well as some bugs might be system or browser related. You can use the following template to help us (and other users):
Your system and system version (e.g. Win 7, Win 8 or OSX 10.9.1): Browser version(s) (e.g. Safari, Firefox, Chrome): Detailed description of the problem: Way to replicate the problem: Any additional information:
Once all fields are filled in press Ok to submit the issue. Adding Feature Request Adding a Feature Request is very similar, but you do not have to be as thorough with the description as in bug reports (although you can if you want, the more detailed description of your idea, the better chance of other users understanding it and voting to add the feature sooner than later). Full manual If you are interested in detailed manual on using this bug tracker: we are using WebIssues an open source bug tracker available here and a full manual is available here.